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Building Backlinks with Images

Recently I’ve been reading up on different link building strategies, including some that use images, gifs, or video to generate backlinks. As an experiment, I thought I’d create a few SEM related visuals, post them on a few image sharing sites, and see if they can help me generate some new links. 

I’m starting off with this three elements of SEO infographic below, and I plan on making a few more visual content pieces on different topics and see how they perform. I’ll update this post with the new visuals and performance updates as I go.

If you like any of the visuals below, feel free to use share them, just make sure add a link back to this page. 

Chart Explaining the 3 Elements of SEO with PacMan

Part 2: Memes

I decided to create a few SEM themed memes(see below) to see if their popularity could be used to get some usable backlinks. I haven’t really made my own memes before but it was an fun experience and I understand a little better why so many people do make them.  

Distracted Boyfriend SEO Meme
Frodo tells 2nd page of Google to keep its secrets
Going against Amazon means Death

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